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DIY 2 Ingredient Makeup Brush Cleaner & Tutorial

Hi guys! Sorry I have been MIA the last week and half or so. Life has just gotten crazy, and we tend to push aside some of our day to day tasks…and yes, that includes cleaning your makeup brushes! I will admit that I am so guilty for not cleaning my brushes regularly, and I’m sure some of you will want to lecture me about the importance of cleaning your brushes. It just honestly slips my mind sometimes!

On this chilly Saturday though, I managed to set aside the time to clean my brushes, using such a simple DIY solution. All it involves is any brand of dish soap and olive oil!


Next, all you do is take a plate, and then squirt a generous amount of soap and olive oil onto it. Then, all you have to do is take your dirty makeup brushes, and mix them around in the solution!


For this example, I used my eyeshadow brush that I use to pack on shimmery eyeshadows and glitter. All I did was swirl it around in the solution, until the mix started to turn bronze (the colour of the eyeshadow I’ve been using it for). After mixing it in the solution, rinse it off under warm water, not hot! Hot water will ruin your bristles.

And you just keep doing this with every makeup brush and beauty blender that you own. You might have to rinse off the mess and start fresh with more oil and soap as it does dirty up quickly, as I will show below!



After you are done rinsing your brushes, make sure that you try them hanging up with the bristles pointing down or have them leaning against something with the bristles on the bottom. If you dry them the other way, all of the remaining water will drip into the handle and ruin your brushes.

I hope this was helpful! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.




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