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Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel Review

Here I am, finally back after being MIA for a week or so again. I’ve been trying to be better at posting on time, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Anyways! Today, I will be reviewing Boscia’s Exfoliating Peel Gel, which I “purchased” with 100 of my Beauty Insider Points on Sephora Online.

So basically, this is a clear gel like substance, that you rub all over your face, after you have cleansed it. The gel begins to dry rather fast as you work it into the skin in circular motions, but that means it is doing its job. As it dries down, it starts to remove all of your dead skin and balls it up. So by the time you’re done, your whole face is covered in little balls of dead skin, which to some, could be a little disgusting.

As gross as it may be though, the results are absolutely worth it, in my opinion. I have a six month old nephew, and my skin literally feels as soft as his once I am done using the gel.

I love love love how simple this product is to use and it hasn’t broken me out or anything, which I was worried about since I do have fairly sensitive skin. My skin has never been better, after changing my whole skin care routine and adding this to the mix.

The only down fall of this product, is that is $42.00 CAD for a full size bottle. So I wouldn’t say the price is affordable and practical for everyone, but if you are in desperate need of reviving your skin, I would invest in this. A little, goes a long way for this product. bosciaThank you so much for stopping by and giving my a review, a read. If you would like to know what my full skincare routine is, comment below and that will be my next post!






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