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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review and Honest Thoughts

Sure, I am a little bit late for reviewing this product, but I wanted to give my thoughts on it. I just recently entered the beauty world, and it took me awhile until I knew that this mascara existed. Oh, but when I heard about it, I instantly went out to buy it.

Was I joyously pleased with it?

No. Unfortunately I wasn’t. For something that people claimed was their “holy grail” and that they “can’t live without it,” I was disappointed to say the least.

I instantly noticed that the formula was thick. It took a lot to work it through my lashes, and that work hardly paid off. I find that I have to either apply multiple coats of it, or use a second mascara to get the results I am looking for. It’s not that I don’t mind having to take the extra steps to get lashes that I’m happy with, it’s just that I shouldn’t have to do that. For a $30 mascara, I personally believe that it should apply almost flawlessly.

One thing I do like about the mascara is that it has a very bold, black colour, which instantly helps your lashes look fuller. I also love that it stays on your lashes and doesn’t flake or smudge underneath the eye.

I so badly wanted to love this mascara after reading all of the amazing reviews, but I just can’t. I’ve honestly used waaay better drug-store mascaras. But of course, this was my first time purchasing this mascara. I could have possibly gotten an old or defective product, so I don’t want to write it off completely, but I also don’t want to pay another $30 and possibly get the same results.

If you have had a similar or different experience with this mascara please comment and let me know! I want to hear from all of you.




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