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2 Easy Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is finally here. It is a holiday that I anxiously await for every year. 

Except for this year. I just lacked motivation and creativity to even think of making a costume, and before I knew it, I had ran out of time. 

I threw together these two easy, last minute Halloween costumes for those of you who left Halloween to the last minute like I did. 

1. Skeleton 

You don’t really need a lot for this costume, which is why it’s a great last minute solution. You can either do a full skeleton face or a half one, like what I did. 

If you decide to do your full face as a skeleton, then all you really need is some white face paint and black face paint. There are a TON of skeleton tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest, so if you’re not quite sure on how to do it, you can find a video to help. 

If you do only half a face, then you’ll need the black and white face paint, as well as your normal foundation and rest of your makeup. 

I love only doing the half of the face as a skeleton, because it leaves so many options for the other half of your face. You can really experiment with different colours of eye shadows and lipsticks to crest so many different looks. 

Clothing wise, you can wear anything with this makeup look. You can wear all black, make a skeleton costume, be a skeleton bride, etc. The options are endless with this makeup look. 

2. Galaxy Princess 

This was such a fun look to do! And there’s so many ways you can mix it up and add your own personal twist to it. 

To make the “galaxy” I used a 3 colour palette from LA Color. I bought it for a $1.25 at the Dollar Tree, because they aren’t colours I normally wear so I didn’t want to spend a large sum of money. 

The colours I used were a hot pink, an aquamarine shade, and a baby blue. You can use any bright colours you have available in your makeup bag; bright blues, pinks, greens, and purples. 

I used just a fluffy eyeshadow brush to make smudges of colours across the bridge of my nose and under my eyes. I put one colour down first, and then filled the remaining empty spaces with the other two colours. 

I then took a small, pointed lipstick brush and dipped it into my white face paint and just made small dots all over the galaxy. You can connect some of the “stars” to make constellations too if you so desire. 

For the lips, I used a hot pink with a purple shade over top. I loved the bright lip, but you can do a blue, purple, black, or light pink lip. 

For hair, you can do whatever you prefer. I just did messy curls, but you can mess around with curls and braids and space buns. 

Last but not least, the clothing part is left up to you, depending on what twist you want to put on the costume. You could wear a black dress or all black pants and a shirt. You could go with a flowy, pastel dress. There’s a few different options you could go with. 
I hope these ideas help out any of you who are struggling with some Halloween inspiration. They are both affordable looks, and mainly involve items from home. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Halloween! 




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